Financial / Tax Consultancy

The current legislation is in a continuous dynamic and its correct interpretation can often be something difficult to achieve. A-Financial Constanta accounting firm, through its team of tax consulting specialists, understands that you need quality tax advice and optimal tax solutions for your business.

We are constantly connected to the legislative news. In your activity, you certainly encounter situations where the same problem has several solutions, but the end result may be different.That is why we strive, through our team of specialists in tax consultancy, to reach the desired result, taking the most correct and suitable option for your business.

We offer regular legislative alerts. You will find useful information from various fields of activity through our blog. We do not limit ourselves only to certain areas of interest, we know that today information is very important and that is why we try to cover areas of activity as diverse as possible with useful information.


Our Constanta tax consultancy services include:

  • tax management of companies by optimizing the tax vector
  • record, preparation and submission of tax returns;
  • Constanta tax advice on matters of tax procedure;
  • record of real estate transactions;
  • management of customs duties;
  • change or registration of domicile for taxation purposes;
  • adjusting the payments statement;
  • representation of the company before the tax inspection bodies;
  • management of inactive taxpayers.