Accounting Services Constanta


In general accounting is seen as a simple activity of registration of documents. In reality, this activity means much more.
A Financial – Accounting Services in Constanta, does not just register documents.

Our company aims to take the accounting services to another level. We do REAL accounting, which means we put our heart into everything we do, we get involved in solving our clients’ problems, we identify certain situations in the early stages and we offer constant tax advice in order to find the best tax solution.

A Financial Accounting Firm in Constanta not only operates documents, but also wants to be the reliable partner you need so you can have the certitude of a job well done and to help you in carrying out your activity.

We know that each activity has its specifics, which is why A-Financial Consultancy and Accounting firm in Constanta is getting involved in knowing your business in order to provide  the best professional and competent solutions.

With us you can put aside the care of  your documents. A Financial Accounting Firm in Constanta offers you customized accounting services, adapted to your business. A Financial holds professional civil liability insurance.


Primary accounting services in Constanta


  • Primary accounting of cash operations: drawing up the cash book and the primary documents underlying its preparation;
  • Primary accounting of management operations: preparation of receipt notes, supply requisition forms, transfer notes between stock managements, exit bills and dispatch or transfer notices between locations;
  • Primary accounting of internal settlements: preparation of settlements for employees of the company;
  • Primary accounting of salaries: preparation of payrolls and payslips as well as payment orders regarding the payment of social insurance contributions and payroll tax;


Management accounting services in Constanta


  • Chronological and systematic accounting registration of primary documents: input and output invoices involving stocks; internal transfers between stock managements or locations; registration of supply requisition forms, production reports and recipes;
  • We make the value-based comprehensive and quantitative inventory management, as well as preparing the analytical balance of the company’s stocks;
  • Analytical record of inventory items and fixed assets;


Financial accounting services in Constanta


  • Chronological and systematic accounting registration of primary documents;
  • Keeping records of fixed assets;
  • Analytical and synthetic records of partners (clients, suppliers);
  • Record of treasury accounts (banks, funds, treasury advances);
  • Monthly preparation of the trial balance, and other accounting statements according to the legislation in force;
  • Calculation, preparation and submission of the VAT return (monthly / quarterly);
  • Calculation of taxes and duties due to the state budget on: income tax or tax on profit on microenterprises income;
  • Calculation, preparation and submission of withholding tax declarations;
  • Calculation of payroll tax and social contributions related to wages;
  • Calculations for the distribution of dividends and tax due for such dividends;
  • Preparation and submission of recapitulative statements 394, 390 Vies;
  • Preparation of documents for inventory and evaluation of assets according to the legislation in force;
  • Consultancy on financial-accounting legislation related to the activity;
  • Monthly informing the management of the company on the financial-accounting results;


Financial-accounting reports sent periodically to the management of the company


  • Preparation of periodic reports that will be submitted to the management of the company: reports on the performance indicators; reports that reflect the status and structure of the assets; reports on the status of outstanding payments to suppliers and uncollected receivables;
  • Keeping the management of the company periodically and permanently informed on any changes in the economic and tax field with impact on their business;
  • Assistance and representation by a specialist accountant before the tax control bodies;
  • Preparing files for obtaining loans and leasing;
  • Periodically performing scores with the tax administration to ensure that the accounting record in terms of taxes and fees is consistent with the payment statement;
  • Obtaining tax certificates for participation in tenders or for other purposes requested by the client;
  • Preparing semi-annual and annual financial statements (balance sheet, profit and loss account, cash flow statement, statement of changes in shareholders ‘ equity, explanatory notes, etc.),  in accordance with the legislation in force, submitting them to the competent authorities;